What does a Fill Consist of ?

1 Week Fill - This service is not so much a "fill," but more of a "sprinkle of magic" for when you have a special event and already had a fill; just need a little extra. Who doesn't need extra? We do not remove lashes in this fill time.

2 Week Fill - When you have 50% coverage or more left, we fill in the natural lashes that have gone through the hair growth cycle during the two week period. We also remove the few outgrown lash extensions from the natural lash and replace with new fresh lash extensions.

3 Week Fill - You need 40% coverage left or more. This time allows us to focus on removing overgrown extensions that can start twisting and potentially damaging if not removed.

4 Week Fill - This is more of a full set. Your lashes will be so grown out, they will need to be removed if you have less than 40%. You will need a full set if you are looking to achieve the full, desired look.

Myths about Eyelash Extentions


Myth: Eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes.
Fact: When applied correctly; one extension of proper length & volume to one single, isolated natural lash, they do not cause damage.


Myth: You can't wash your eyes with lash extensions on.
Fact: Not only can you wash your eyes, it is recommended to do so daily with an oil free lash shampoo to keep your lash line healthy and clean. 


Myth: Eyelash extensions hurt.

Fact: When applied correctly, you should barely feel the application process.


Myth: Anyone who trained to do lashes is qualified to do them.

Fact: Training to do eyelash extensions is just the beginning. It takes extreme patience, practice and dedication to be a master lash tech. 


Myth: You can have eyelash extensions as long and thick as you want. 

Fact: The length and thickness of eyelash extensions should be purely based on what the natural eyelashes can healthfully support.


Myth: Eyelash extensions lasts 6 weeks.

Fact: You shed up to 5 natural eyelashes per day per eye. After 2 - 3 weeks, most people will have shed enough to need a fill in.